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Sunday, December 8, 2013

paradise | song*ography ...

Big Yellow Taxi 
 - Counting Crows - 
written by Joni Mitchell

This is a melody that wasn't even on my radar the first time it made its rounds in the '70s -
what the heck 
parking lots 
what do you mean "you don't know what you got 'till it's gone"? 
- I was just approaching that age where I knew EVERYTHING and figured it would always be there;
and the thought of trees in a museum where they charged you a dollar to see them - ha!
But now, can't you just picture that along with the rest of 'crazy' we live daily, 
things that at one time would have been considered ridiculous.
(I mean, honestly did you ever think those 007 car telephones were even remotely real - I didn't think so)
But now - good Lordy and how
I can appreciate just about every line in this song.
Joni Mitchell - who knew --- I thought she was just one of those pot-head, love shack, bra burning hippies.
But not anymore. 
Not anymore sista.

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  1. I totally agree that i have much more understanding of this song now than I did when it first came out!

  2. Such a great song, regardless of the year, or decade. Gorgeous thoughts!

  3. This is a great illustration of the lyrics, with the road in the forefront and the trees in the background. Makes me pause and appreciate that we still do have nature. But it's getting harder to find . . .

  4. You are so right-who would have thought! And I like your "fly-by" picture.

  5. Such a great song indeed.. Love you take on it..


  6. poor joni, i thought the same thing but thought it was kinda cool and rebellious!!

    great image but i really enjoyed your story today!!

  7. Great song and love the motion in your shot Nicki.

  8. Wonderful interpretation. I loved reading your thoughts on this.
    Sorry to be late commenting, busy, busy, busy week.