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Sunday, January 26, 2014

let it go | song*ography ...

"Let it go" 
~ Idina Menzel ~ 

 here I stand and here I'll stay 
Let the storm rage on 
let it go, 
     let it go


We've been hit hard this week with snow, ice, sub-zero temperatures, and more snow.
It is winter after all, so it is what it is;
as I have committed to a cold for the duration (or so it would seem), 
I have limited my outdoor options and must therefore settle with I can accomplish from the window.
... let the storm rage on ...

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  1. Great photo for this week's challenge.

  2. It's been a tough winter . I've not ventured outdoors much so the photo ops have been limited. You have a great view from your window. It was pretty cool that the birds just happened to fly by at the right time.

  3. I like your processing on this shot and how the birds peek out from between the branches. Feel better.

  4. I'm having a hard time getting out too, and I'm not much of an indoor photographer. I;ve been doing some drive by shootings from my car.
    I love the longness-if that's a word-of this photo with the snow layer so sparse at the bottom and peeks of color at the top.

  5. My eyes were drawn to the birds - what better way to express "let it go" than the freedom of flight. Awesome catch from your window.
    We haven't seen this constant cold and snow in awhile but as you said it is winter after all. Hope you can soon let that cold go. :)

  6. The flight of the birds through the trees is captivating. You did a good job through the window! Stay warm this week!

  7. Love that you captured the birds! Hope you are bundled up!

  8. Love that you caught those birds in flight thru the branches! You STILL aren't feeling well? Geez girl...heal thyself!!!!! :). Actually, it's probably a good thing that you are forced to stay indoors as the option is just so darn freakin' COLD! Thanks for joining in on Song-ography and I do hope you are feeling better soon!

  9. Love the tint and the whole feel of your photo. Especially the birds flying away - letting go :)

  10. I feel for everyone who has been blasted with so much snow this winter. I'm not a winter person so I can understand why everyone is ready to "Let it Go." - Your photo is really cool, I love the birds in the shot. - Sorry to be late commenting.