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Monday, January 27, 2014

the GOOD the RANDOM the FUN | Monday ...

the GOOD

A kid in the neighborhood actually cleaning another neighbor's driveway. Stop*The*Presses!
Our son proposed that if we just leave it alone the sun would take care of things. He eventually shoveled the driveway (however, dinner at his choice of restaurant may have helped grease the wheels). 


on the way to the bathroom - yea, that's a pirate. 

 the FUN

When did macarons become so popular ?
I remember them being dry and bland - but now they come in every flavor imaginable.


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  1. I learned the difference between macaroons and macarons on Pinterest. Yep, be impressed. ;)

  2. Haha - the pirate! I used to shovel out the neighborhood - now my apartment building has a snow plow - FUN!

  3. Nice capture on the pirate - I'd be afraid he/she'd catch me when they heard the click and I'd have to walk the plank! Nice to see people lending a helping hand - my mom has some great young kids in her apartment complex that always make sure her car is cleared off and dug out of the parking space for her. Love them!

  4. Snow seems to bring out the best in people - so nice to see! Seeing a pirate is pretty random, for sure. xo Karen

  5. Wow! kids out in the neighborhood shoveling!!! That's a thing of the past ... but to my surprise, last storm we had some highschoolers came by to snowblow/shovel. I let them do it :-)
    LOL at the pirate!!!
    I wanted to make some macarons until I looked up recipes and thought "hell, no" ....
    diane @ thoughts and shots

  6. Lol! I've never eaten macaroons-but I have a very strong urge to buy them just to photograph them!! Love that pirate shot.