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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

tundra Tuesday ...

could stand for a little warming up.
 "Extreme cold day" (versus "snow day") so no school. 
And to think, we thought we were safe scheduling vacation later in July 
but it is starting to look like that might be just about the point when the kids finish up school this year.

Of course, then there will be the electric bills - so it won't be like we have any money left to vacation on anyway.

well, now I am depressed and it's going to take more than a vase of Spring flowers

[Aliso Beach, CA]

this will do nicely.


  1. I just need more snow to justify this cold (although, who knew - it's too cold to snow!!).

    We've yet to close for "too cold" - been -24 with a windchill, wondering what it takes!!

  2. Yes, I love your CA photo - thank you for those rays of yellow, purple and green.
    It's definitely time to buy some tulips for the house (and camera!)

  3. Oh, poor kids going to school until July! California looks like the place to be for so many suffering in the cold! Hoping you do get to go and the arctic weather goes away for good soon. We are having a strangely mild winter here near Seattle. I know we will pay, sooner or later.......Usually mild winters mean very rainy and cool summers. We will see. Keep saving for that vacation! xo Karen

    1. Karen - July is an exaggeration - but I have no doubt that they will start tacking on days - this after starting the kids at the beginning of August, whereas they used to start closer to the end of August.

  4. Pretty soon-you wont have to deal with school, and closures and make up days!Great shots!

  5. Wow...I've never heard before so many schools closing due to "cold".

  6. I'm not sure if that lovely beach shot is helping me or hurting (perhaps a little of both)...but it sure is beautiful.