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Friday, January 31, 2014

phone it in Friday ...

[iPhone: one very frosty morning] 

 There has been nothing random about this week - except perhaps the seemingly never ending 'no school' days when a '2 hour delay' would have sufficed. Clearly someone at the board office has no plans for the summer and a strong attachment to their flannel sheets.
(never dreamed I would be rooting for school to be in session)

[iPhone: ice ice baby]

In the winter of 1976/1977 apparently it got to -25 degrees (twenty-five less than zero) and the Ohio River froze over - enough so my husband (and/or others) walked on it. We have hit -4 this winter and it is ridiculously cold, but every time I mention how cold it is my husband reminds me of the winter of 1976/77 when it got to -25 degrees and everyone could walk across the river, and how could I forget how cold it got that winter, and we're not talking about the little Guyandotte River but the big Ohio River, making me feel like a wimp to whine about a measly 4 degrees below. 
Seriously, I'm cold.  My toes are numb and the few times I've ventured outside it has been to hustle to the car in a manner akin to being in space: holding my breath like there is a lack of available oxygen, and hopping from one de-iced square to another; coaxing the engine to "come on baby, you can do it".
(I have yet to see 'Gravity' with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, but I'm guessing some of the dialog went just like that...)
What I do remember about the old days is that winters used to be fun
and if you wanted to bemoan how cold it was
everyone joined in agreement.


  1. Everything here is frozen solid! 3 years ago, I stood on the frozen Charles river! I have totally forgotten what green anything looks like!

  2. Well, I'm so sorry that it is so cold (I'm sick of 20's and 30's - back to our normal today of 70 (sorry)), but you cracked me up this morning with this post...'a strong attachment to their flannel sheets', rofl!!

  3. Oh Gosh ... I so agree ... this winter has been excruciatingly cold ...
    Where is Spring????
    My husband and I were bitchin' about how cold it was the other day and then he laughed and said "remind me of this when it's 98* and humid this summer".
    Oh well.
    diane @ thoughts and shots

  4. I'll join in agreement--it's frickin' freezing! But we have some reprieve this weekend--I hope you have some soon!