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Thursday, January 30, 2014

things that make you go 'wow' | little things Thursday ...

[lonely streets of Pasadena]

Out of the corner of my eye I get a glimpse of something 
and if I'm lucky,
and my timing is just right,
it transpires into a picture.

[busy streets of Laguna Beach]

And that pictures grows into intrigue
and suddenly I become more aware
that that awareness mushrooms ...

[in the end we all require the same things - in this case, petrol]

and without realizing it
that little thing that caught my eye has grown into
an infatuation, a mission, a theme.

[you're never too old to shine]

I am a photographer
and that is how I roll.

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  1. Dragonflies. Just sayin. Then you find yourself in the middle of the infatuation - clearly over the top enamored - and you ask yourself...what does this have to do with anything? Why do I like _____ again? And then you stop asking questions and just keep shooting. LOVE THIS!

  2. Beautiful cars! I love the teal one and would love to use it for a shoot!

  3. Wicked cars! I love classic cars like that! Great for throw back Thursday!

  4. Great shots of vintage cars ~ favorite is the first one ~ thanks for visiting ~
    carol, ^_^

  5. Wow, these cars are so cool! :-)

  6. Love this theme! Great shots - love that last one - my favorite color, too. xo Karen

  7. Awesome shots! Beautiful vintage cars!

  8. Ohhh...what a great set of vintage cars Nicki. Cars are hard for me to shoot to make them look good. You done good!

  9. I'm loving your old time cars! The first shot came together just right!

  10. These are fabulous, just fabulous!!

  11. That yellow one is a stunner, especially with the enhancement on the auto. Love these!!

  12. that first shot is incredible! What a great capture. Did you love Pasadena? I love that place.

    1. Stephanie - yes, Pasadena impressed me very much - as did Laguna and Newport Beach. Wasn't that crazy about when she (my sister) lived in Huntington Beach --- but I am older and more appreciative of things.