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Monday, January 13, 2014

the GOOD the RANDOM the FUN ...

I am taking a stab at linking up with Tamar over at Random-osity

 the GOOD

[Aliso Beach, CA]

Seldom do we (meaning my household) manage to dodge Murphy's Law.  I not only had the good fortune of spending the New Years in California at the beaches with my sister and miss most of the sub-zero temperatures experienced back home - but also managed to miss being one of the thousands of people in WV caught in the chemical spill.  The thought of having to rely on bottled water for the last 5 days makes me grateful we live JUST far enough away.  I feel bad for those affected and the businesses that had to close due to the leak - but I'm not going to kid ya - I'm especially glad I wasn't among them, (especially since I have consumed enough water to float a boat with this head/chest cold thing).


[Irvine, CA]

When I approach this to take a picture I was expecting more of a 3D type of art
- it is all just painted.
Still - cool!

the FUN

[Balboa Island - Newport Beach, CA] 

Someone was certainly enjoying herself.  All I could think as I watched her was "my son (who is the ride fanatic in our household) would not be caught dead on this one".  He has some inexplicable fear of being eaten alive by a shark.  I promise we did not let him watch JAWS when he was a kid.  Honestly.


  1. I'm glad you didn't have to experience that either! Wow! What a mess. Love your images here, and the California beach looks beautiful!

  2. A mechanical shark - LOVE it!

    I thought about you when I first heard the story on the news, SO glad you're not affected.

  3. I didn't know about the chemical spill, so glad to hear you're not affected. Love the art fish but the shark (even if it's mechanical) looks scary, perhaps because I watched "Jaws" :)

  4. Nicki, I love the light in that shot of the Pelican and gulls on the rocks. I'm dreaming of a visit to CA in the spring. Looks like you had a fun time.

  5. Yes-cool fish painting. Very interesting and random indeed.

  6. That mechanical shark look crazy. And the light on that first photo looks awesome.