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Saturday, January 11, 2014

the problem with going places is the going ...

Lets be totally clear 
about this:
I DO NOT like to fly.

 I have no problem with heights. 
 I have no problem with landings. 

It is the planes.

And the strangers shoulder
to shoulder.

And other people's kids.

And airborne viruses.

I don't know who is responsible for designing planes, but I would like to have a word with them.
Who the crap decided that a pleasurable trip involves wedging yourself into a slot built for someone in the 5'2" petite range.  Sure, for an additional $50 or so you can get a few extra inches - but honestly is it too much to ask for a comfortable seat for the hundreds of dollars you are already paying?

And now you must place your purse on the floor under the seat in front of you because somehow that is going to block your exit should there be an emergency.  Trust me when I say that if I am exiting the plane under any circumstance, my purse is going with me. PERIOD.  Unless we are going down and I have to figure out how to pull my seat cushion out from under me for a flotation device and lets face it, I am so tightly wedged into my allotted space I couldn't adjust a wedgie if I wanted let alone pull out my seat cushion.  Purse it is.

Then there is window versus aisle.  (middle is not an option - it is officially the seat of doom only chosen by those who book their flight at the very last minute).  My husband prefers window.  I prefer aisle.  So when he asked me which one I wanted and I said aisle, he heard "window".  I can't complain, he was after all making my travel arrangements for me.  And of course I can not fault him for me being seated beside a male who sits like a ...male on each long leg of the trip.
(you ladies know what I'm talking about)

And then there is the anxiety of needing to use the bathroom while in flight.  This wouldn't be such a problem if I had an aisle seat - but since I didn't ....
and my bladder is acutely aware of 'iffy' situations.
without fail.

but when given a lemon ...
there is this:

this has to be called "snake river"
... has to be!

and finally ...

but ultimately 

still, if given my preference - it would be to drive. I can scoot around, adjust wedgies, kick my shoes off, and in general, travel in comfort. None of which can be done in the sky unless you are going first class - which I don't but wished for 5 hours I had.


  1. Ah, the pleasures of modern travel! We always take the non-stop from Seattle to Boston when we visit the relatives - the 'red-eye', late at night so we can 'sleep'. Have you ever tried to sleep on a plane? Forget it. And for some reason, Hubby always books us by the bathrooms. PU. That's all I have to say on that subject. But those views......aren't they incredible? Hope you are flying to have some fun....xo Karen

  2. Not only the flying gets me but all that hassle you go thru just to get on the plane. Almost a complete strip-down, and then a re-dress, honestly. Flying is sure not the pleasurable trip it used to be when you got served a hot meal, unlimited baggage, no search and destroy if you have anything over so many ounces. OK, enough said. But you did take some amazing shots from the cramped,wedged space you were in.

  3. I hate to fly. I mean I HATE to fly. But if you want to go, most times that's the only option. I opt for the aisle seat, too. When Greg and I fly together we get aisle, aisle across from each other. Works for us. But enough complaining. Your pics are terrific! And I am currently on a very long road trip. Loving that!

  4. I think most of us would say AMEN! to this post! ;))

  5. Couldn't agree more! Flying is a pain! But I also hate long drives! I don't like driving. Don't get me wrong, I drive every day, and I don't ever think twice if I have to go run an errand about getting in the car, but long drives make me sooo sleepy, I'm always afraid of falling asleep at the wheel, and I can't sleep when I'm a passenger because then I worry about my husband falling asleep at the wheel. (Sigh!) I'm getting old! Here are the little rituals I use when flying: I start a book a couple of days before, so I'm sort of in the middle when I board the plane. Trying to start a book on the plane doesn't work for me - too many distractions! I also drink lots of water, and avoid all liquor. Also, my iPod has helped tremendously!