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Thursday, February 6, 2014

it's the little things | Thursday ...

I sit here and contemplate 
All the things I cannot change 
How I wish my life was a clean slate 
So many things I would rearrange 
But life is not that simple 
And you I cannot control 

Kassity Hietala

There is something comforting about a yard of undriven snow. 
The calm before the storm; it is orderly, it is neat, it is pure.  
But then it occurs to me that ruffled snow is generally the evidence of fun, frolic, and curiosity.  
And as I mentally picture that, I find myself smiling.  
Suddenly clean slates seem a little over-rated
and the urge to be in control not as important.

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  1. Oh great thoughts...yes the pure driven/fallen snow is beautiful but there is a kind of tension when compared to the frolic of footprints.

  2. Beautiful how you captured this image before anyone was able to color it with footprints.

  3. Wonderful shot - and important reflection! This will stick with me!!

  4. I agree. There is something about savoring the snow unsoiled for just a moment. That untouched look is stunning. However, after taking it all in, it just begs to be played in! It's very satisfying to put that first footprint down.

  5. yes, it looks so beautiful when freshly fallen, then it gets so dirty so quickly

  6. Untouched snow is just gorgeous!