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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

black and white and | groundhog ...

just keeps hang'n on

but there is a light at the end of the tunnel (or at least on the tracks)

Good / Bad news - depending if you are a glass half full/empty kind of person ...

(only) 6 more weeks of this.

 Personally, I would not be shocked to see a Spring snow (as in late March / early April)
- but what do I know.
If seeing your shadow is some kind of prediction - we called it on January 1st. Which, if you do your math, means it should be over in a week's time.

Did you know there is:

Sir Walter Wally (of the groundhog persuasion) in Raleigh, North Carolina who saw his shadow.  50% accuracy.

Mortimer of Chapel Hill, North Carolina - did not see his shadow, meaning Spring is right around the corner.  For what it's worth - he has 100% accuracy (but over fewer years).

Phl from Punxsutawney, PA (dude has been at this a very long time) - saw his shadow - 39% accuracy.

Just in case you are a numbers kind of person.
2 out of 3 groundhogs are calling for 6 more weeks.
Thousands out of (I don't know ... millions of) people are convinced it's never gonna end.

"may the odds be ever in your favor"

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  1. Shadow or not, I'm ready for the nasty storms to end. I can handle a few more snow storms, but those cold, cold temps that we're not use to here in Ohio...I don't like. Love the photos you shared. First time visiting from B&W Wednesday. :)

  2. Although I love the Groundhog tradition, I don't put much stock in it -- however -- I do think it will be some time before Spring arrives in Nebraska. :)

  3. I heard some birds singing the other day...I think they are more dependable than groundhogs! (o;

  4. I love groundhogs - they are so cute. It might take some convincing in certain parts of the country to think there is ever going to be a spring! It was 17 degrees here this morning. :( But the sun is shining! xo Karen

  5. Creative bw shots ~ love the shadows ~ thanks,


  6. First of all, your images are wonderful! I love the sun on the bridge and the silhouette shadows. Well, I love them all!
    visiting from "Black and White" Wednesday (sorry, nevermind google).

  7. Well, we got 11 inches of fresh snow overnight. It is beautiful but it has turned to the dreaded wintry mix. I learn a lot from your blog. Like I had no idea there were other groundhogs in the business of disappointing people who can't wait til spring besides Phil. I'm blown away.

  8. Hi, Nicki,
    I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. Details can be found here:

    I hope you accept this award :)

  9. My favorite is the sun star captured by the tracks. Today was too warm here but it will cool off again the next couple of days, thankfully. At this time of year, there won't be too many cool days left here-just humid and hot.

  10. Each of your shots is so interesting - great use of textures! I'm in love with the bridge shot - Love the light and the old iron structure! I never knew there was more than one groundhog doing his thing...Here in New England, we don't even have to bother. 6 more weeks easily! Thanks so much for linking up!

  11. I'm going with Mortimer. Spring needs to arrive quickly.