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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

ya little rascals | cats on Tuesday ...

The neighbor's kittens
to whom we provide fresh water and food on a daily basis.

They sorta like me - as in look for me - just as long as I don't get too close ... 
which is probably natures way of saying 
"ya have enough problems to deal with already".

* All pictures are taken with a 300 mm lens, from inside, through a dirty glass door, a screen, and between blinds - hoping they don't get a glimpse of me with a camera or "poof" they're outta here!  cause while they will tolerate my presence enough for me to put out food - they want nothing to do with the camera.  Reminds me of my own kids when I first got back into photography. 


  1. Well you did pretty good getting those shots with that lens! They look clueless that you are there!

  2. Wow - gorgeous! Those eyes are something else!

  3. Great captures even through all of that!!!! LOL
    diane @
    thoughts and shots

  4. Great shots and gorgeous cats! I'm sure they appreciate that you take care of them every day.

  5. boy are they cute though. those blue eyes are amazing

  6. Beautiful cats. My kitty doesn't like her picture taken either.

  7. Cats seem to have a sixth sense about cameras. Nice job on these little beauties through glass!!

  8. Beautiful cat portraits! My kids became camera-shy rather quickly. Even as adults, they sometimes make faces when they see me lift my camera!

  9. Ha! Sounds like my neighbor's cat! Thanks for visiting my blog. Sarah Carletti

  10. Wonderful photos. These are darling kittens. I want that 1st one, gorgeous!