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Friday, February 21, 2014

phone it in | Random 5 Friday ...

[iPhone5 - 02/19/14] 

“Death, taxes and childbirth! There's never any convenient time for any of them.” 
-Margaret Mitchell


1.  For the life of me and millions of others, I will never understand who in their right mind concluded it was okay and justified to charge a person a tax on their purchase not only at the time of the transaction, but each and every.single.year.thereafter for as long as they own that item?
I guess I should be grateful they only apply this extra tax to vehicles and not TVs, refrigerators, earplugs (especially earplugs/headphones because our son has lost enough of these over the past 5 years to keep Sony/JVC/etc in business).

2.  My husband had a close call the other evening with a road-crossing deer.  He did not have as much luck with the red-light-running idiot.  Dented, but not defeated.

3.  The temperatures (and you knew this was coming) - anyway, the temperatures made it into mid-60s today.  If I didn't know better I'd swear I could smell bonfires of winter coats and boots.
Break out the shorts.  Slap on the sunscreen.

4.  I have officially qualified for the "Crazy Cat Lady" - I looked out the window (over the ears of one gray feline) and counted 3 cats sitting on the fence, 1 cat at the food dish, and 1 cat sitting on the stoop looking in the window at said gray feline.

5.  New yummy treat: Pretzel Crisps by the Snack Factory - especially Buffalo Wings.  Not gluten free, but no cholesterol, no saturated or trans fats, and low in the sugar count.  Mucho good.

and one for the road
- tell me I'm not the only one who literally laughs-out-loud at the Esurance commercial where the lady posts pictures on her (living room) wall, and saved 15% in 15 minutes - then "un-friends" her friend who saved more in less time

"that's not how it works, that's not how any of this works."


I laugh because I can see myself among this group.


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  1. deer are not our friends - but they keep my hubby's business in check - or at least in doe - in more ways that one. ha. ha!! i enjoy your shot. great cell phone pic. ( :

    the commericals i am lovely lately are the doggie are they honda ones? the dogs are driving & they do different stops ... to go to the restroom for a drink, the hubby doggie looks at a poodle crossing the road, things like that ... they are too fun & just precious. great for dog lovers.

  2. I've never seen that commercial! Sounds hilarious. I'll have to check out those pretzel crisps, I've gotta watch my sugars. I'm ready for 'the melt' but not 'the flooding.' Have a wonderful warm weekend!

  3. Nicki,
    Glad your Hubby dodged the deer. A fender bender doesn't sound good either. I have hit one small deer (no damage to vehicle) and several years ago a sheep. I saw several sheep in the ditch and was watching them to make sure they didn't dart onto the highway. I did not see the sheep standing on the highway. I know the owner of the sheep and he told me there was no casualty.

    What a crazy weather pattern we are in. Yesterday was sunny and the temperature was nice, but the wind was miserable.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Glad your husband was unscathed by the deer. Yikes! We have quite a lot of that in Georgia. Hooray for warmer temps! It's like a small gift!

  5. Glad you have warmer temps... it's still cold here (for us) and I can't believe I'm saying this, but I am so looking forward to spring. (I usually LOVE the cold. but I'm kind of over it already.)

  6. Oh, awesome photo! It is definitely the person behind the camera making it look so great. Yup, we have flooding here, too. I think a lot of it is due to the ice covered storm drains. Warmer weather is definitely on its way.
    My daughter calls me a crazy cat person. I love my cats....
    I totally agree with the comments you left on my blog concerning the secrets we keep.
    Have a great weekend, Nicki!

  7. I love that commercial -- reminds me of my mom! Lol.

  8. it's easy to become a cat lady...they seem to know where to hang out. I wish it was warmer here today..45mph winds with snow. Ugh!

  9. Impressive building! Great Random 5 - I read recently that in Finland they've painted deer antlers with glow in the dark paint to curtail road accidents...
    Have a fab Friday :)

  10. Oh, I had a red-light running idiot behind me this week too. I guess he didn't appreciate that I didn't go through the yellow light when I could clearly stop so after it turned red he went around me and through the intersection at the same time the opposite light went green and another truck was turning. Funny thing is, I was just two cars behind him at the next light, go figure. And I hear you on the earbuds, OY, my son can go through those too!

  11. So glad that your hubby avoided the deer collision. Sorry about the red-light runner though. I watched 4 different people run red lights here the other day. What a drivers doing that they can't see the light is red.
    Congrats on making the "Crazy Cat Lady" status. It's fun isn't it. I should know because I'm pretty much the same way.

  12. I saw that commercial the other day and yes...I laughed out loud. There are a few commercials that I thoroughly enjoy. Phew on your hubby...and the dear. even minor accidents scare me. We talk about our crazy cat lady that lives down the street!! lol

  13. Whoa! Two close calls are two too many! But glad they weren't serious. Hey, I'm only one husband away from being a crazy cat lady. If he ever goes, this house will be filled with them. As it is, I have a Cat Bathroom that I call the Litter Room. I need to take some pics of that.

  14. Beautiful shots! Love the cute post.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  15. Glad that you husband is ok, and it is only a little dent.