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Thursday, February 20, 2014

something sweet | little things Thursday ...

the rose was larger than the actual cupcake

but all the fluff doesn't fool me cause I know that sweet comes at a price

even the ceramic ones.
Last Thursday my husband messaged to advise that the forecast had changed
and it looked like we might be in for a considerable snow,
(translation: please make sure we have plenty of chips/pretzels/soda/water);

immediately afterwards, my son messaged to let me know he was coming home with a friend
but still wanted to go to the gym with me,
(translation: 50/50 chance of him ACTUALLY going to gym).
Mistake #1: going to grocery store in the throws of a weather panic
(on Senior Citizen Day it would seem)

Mistake #2: going to grocery store on Valentine's Day

Mistake #3: going to grocery store uncertain if son has his house key with him
(he could just walk to a friends - but I worry ... I'm a mom - that's what we do)

Mistake #4:  doing all of that with a gas tank flirting with empty

Managed to get through the store, grab a cupcake picture or two, get gas and still make it home before kiddo.

 and we did go to the gym
(especially after eying those cupcakes - I walk by food and I swear my hips get larger)

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  1. WOW...I'm amazed...the icing looks like actual flowers! Awesome!

  2. I can imagine the scenario of panic. Glad you survived. The icing flower is huge! Wow!

  3. Sometimes admiring the sweets is better than eating them. "Senior Day at the grocery? What am I missing!

  4. I thought they were real and I was craving one. Glad you got through the ordeal.....

  5. Wow - those looked good enough to eat! Glad you survived the shopping trip!

  6. I am willing to pay the price ;)

    Awesome comment at my place today!!

  7. the icing that sweet sickening kind or the whip cream kind? Cause if its the sickining sweet kind....that's what I LOVE!!! Just let me bathe in the stuff!

  8. You are an adventurous woman! I like your sense of daring, especially walking by those cupcakes without succumbing to one - now that takes guts. Glad it all turned out well. Now I want a cupcake. xo Karen

  9. holy cow that's a lotta frosting! looks absolutely delicious, the best part of the cupcake. Sounds like an adventure... I hate going to the grocery always, much less under those conditions!

  10. I love those cupcakes with so much pretty icing. I would eat the icing and leave the cake :) Hope your weather improves soon!