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Thursday, March 27, 2014

have you ever noticed? | Little Things Thursday ...

Odd numbers. 
(Especially the number 3.)

When decorating. 
When composing a picture (rule-of-thirds) 
The number of candies my daughter would hold up her fingers and request when she was a toddler;
or the number of days my son announced to the doctor's waiting room
"it will be out in 3 days!", holding up his tiny fingers for emphasis (referring to the marble he swallowed).
The "acceptable" number of children - 3 - no biggie, but with 4 suddenly you have a "large" family. 
Generally the number of people in a "close" friendship: 3 = buddies; 4 = group; 5 = gang.

They say "three's a crowd" and yet it is so much more aesthetically pleasing.
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  1. I asked my son to count these "they've gone away, sorry, too late. May I see the flower ones please?" :)

  2. Awesome thoughts on the number 3 -- and such pretty birds posing.

  3. Great thoughts on 3! Love the birds on the line - makes me think of the Pixar short!

  4. So elegant and simple ~ great for 'Little' ~ sacred in the ordinary ~ gorgeous photo ~ xxx

    artmusedog and carol

  5. I used to think everything had to be able to be paired, but odd numbers are so pleasing to the eye!

  6. And so it is with the number three and the your thoughts on the number three today!

  7. Yes, there is something about those odd numbers - they must cause tension, which always makes for something more interesting!
    Great photo - those birds are illuminated just right

  8. Surely this is a site well worth seeing.

  9. Lovely birds on a wire...Yes, I always seem to group things in three's. It just seems to be a pleasing number. But as for swallowing marbles - I think one should be sufficient. Just sayin'. xo Karen

  10. Three is actually my favorite number! cute snap and post Nicki.

  11. One of the cardinal rules. But sometimes it's nice to break that rule, too, isn't it? {Just so you keep it an odd number!}

  12. I enjoyed reading your musings re: the #3. =)