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Friday, March 28, 2014

random 5 ...

1) I have a broken mini-statue of St. Francis that should have been pitched but instead sits by the cat bowls.  Based on a string of bad behavior putting a certain domestic kitty perilously closed to becoming 'free-range', I'd say good ole St. Francis has been working overtime.

 2) Easter is just around the corner and I'm just now putting away the snowmen.
Looking to up my holiday game I came across a few remnants from old Easter baskets and now I can't get
'Little Rabbit Foo Foo' out of my head. 

 3)  We are watching reruns of Gossip Girl.  I forgot how much I had enjoyed this show.

 4)  I generally don't mind heights - but somehow seeing my son stand even remotely close to the edge
totally freaked me out.

5) Collections start out innocently enough, then one day you find yourself with a dozen or so marble eggs.

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  1. I am not thrilled with heights....I like your colorful eggs.

  2. Love the marble eggs. I have no issue with heights - it's the falling that freaks me the heck out!

  3. So many things in my house have grown into collections. It was never intentional but somehow it happened.

  4. Okay, those pictures from the edge of the building freak me out too...I found myself leaning farther and farther back in my chair! lol
    You should see the top my buffet in my dining room...the entire thing is covered with findings from the beach! Not sure really, how they ended up in there :)

  5. wonderful marbled eggs and so true about collections. snowmen have a right to stay out as long as there is cold weather and/or snow. you aren't that far behind. love the bunny. st. francis works overtime at my house, too. happy friday!

  6. I love all the photo ops that come with Easter.

  7. I got vertigo just looking at those photos! Bad son! Collections always start out so innocently, don't they? I was just thinking that I needed a St. Francis statue to protect my very naughty dogs who just ripped up part of my hydrangea bush going after a squirrel. Sigh....Squirrel got away...:) Have a good weekend! xo Karen

  8. Poor be careful and hope that broken Saint works.
    Oh my gosh that would freak me out too. I'd never let Coleen close to the edge of something like that. I hate for her to look over things not nearly as high as that.
    Sweet little bunny and such cool looking eggs. - I want to put my spring & Easter stuff out this weekend.

  9. I DO NOT like heights. THey give me the wilies. St. Francis is such nice statuary. I think we should have one with all the critters we take care of. Happy Weekend Nicki.

  10. St. Francis would look fabulous in my garden. ;))

  11. My mom had some of those marbled eggs. She never liked heights at all.

  12. I don't like heights either -- makes me dizzy.
    The marble eggs are lovely -- a nice thing to collect. :)

  13. Heights Used to not bother me at all, but then I started menopause!!! Need I say more!!!


  14. I think I have a snowman or two that need to be put away - you made me feel so much better! I never used to mind heights, but now I do - not sure why I changed. I love the bunny and the marbled eggs. The kind of collections that start out innocently and grow are somehow more special.