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Friday, March 14, 2014

time | Random 5 ...

#1: The older I get the less flexible I am with daylight savings time. I will whine far less about this come summer when it is daylight until 11 pm (just kidding - I will still whine).

#2: I inherited this from my grandmother and the fact that I qualify it as an inheritance would have made her laugh.  She would have said "oh, that piece of junk - throw it away already."
I am curious why only one plaque.  And Dill of all herbs.
No Thyme.  No Rosemary.

#3: Am I the only one who finds leprechauns to be a tad creepy?  I know it is the time of the year where everyone claims to be Irish - I'm not so sure I'm Irish.  So pinch me!

#4: Yep - after a day or two of shorts, t-shirts, and wide-open windows,  it snowed. Was this really necessary?
(mind you, it wasn't this much - but still!)

 #5: After 9/11 - why is it even possible for a pilot to shut off the plane's transponder? I would think that this option would have been one of the first things modified to ensure authorities had the ability to monitor the location of a plane at all times and immediately detect when and if it goes off track.   Why!

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  1. I guess my first introduction to leprechauns was the guy on the Lucky Charms box, and since he came with marshmallows I've always kinda liked him. Hope your snow melts quickly and spring quickly follows!

  2. I like the clock face - a lot! - have a great weekend!

  3. Snowy shadows - love it! The dill sign is so cute!

  4. I thought the same thing about the transponders -- they should not be allowed to be shut off. Perhaps that will be remedied soon.
    Yep, leprechauns and clowns -- creepy.

  5. I enjoy your random five, and I am with you about leprechauns! It would be a terrifying experience if I ever see one!

  6. I guess - why not dill? Especially, if you like fish...
    A great Random 5 and have a fabulous Friday :)

  7. I agree - things my grandma and mom thought of as nothing much are my treasures. When I was teaching, I allowed Leprechauns to play tricks at this time of the year - the kids loved them! I could abolish Daylight Savings but nobody important seems to ask me for my input.

  8. Hahaha - I whine about the time change too - but mostly in the Fall. I like it when there is light in the sky for my drive home from work. I agree with you on leprechauns and I'm not Irish, either - so I guess I should be pinched, too. This whole plane thing is puzzling - so many things that shouldn't have happened but did...

  9. i don't like the dark mornings, but that will change as the days lengthen. Pinch me! I will be celebrating with corned beef and cabbage and a beer or two. ;) Happy Friday.

  10. Whine away my friend. I will be right there by your side. I just don't really see the point of switching time back and forth.. I am pretty sure I am Irish, The first clue is my Grandmothers maiden name. "Bertha Fay McGee".. If that isn't Irish I don't know what is.


  11. I know many people who had a hard time with the time change this time around. Yes leprechauns are creepy and that is a pretty tile.

  12. Great facts! Yes, that missing plane is truly a mystery. Intriguing for us but can you imagine the families who had loved ones on board? Oh, my. It looks like you've got Waterlogued. I think I'm going to have to give in, all the photos I see are just so lovely, and yours is, too.

  13. I whine about daylight savings time every year just like clockwork. I hate it. Got by easy this year by going to St. John and got to lose the hour in a rather relaxing climate. I recommend it for next year if you have the time. Leprechauns creepy...without a doubt. As creepy as clowns. Love that tile and it does seem neat enough to be a legit inheritance. Totally in agreement on no. 5. What are they thinking??

  14. Leprechauns are creepy, aren't they? They always have a sort of evil grin. I don't like clowns, either, for that matter. Nothing funny about them that I can see! Love the plane watercolor. Good question about the transponder. Why don't 'they' do a lot of things that make perfect sense, like make oil carriers double hulled? Or make all cars adhere to safety standards instead of just 'rating' them. Oh, if only I ruled the world.....Hope it warms back up for you.xo Karen

  15. I'm with you on daylight savings time! And that missing plane is a mystery for sure. You're coming up with some beautiful images with Waterlogue!