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Thursday, March 13, 2014

what up my homie G ! | let me lay some LTT on ya...

Edited with Kim Klassen "Play"

Edited with phone app "Waterlogue"

It never ceases to amaze me how little things can make your day.
For example, simple editing tools, things that can suck 45 seconds to the minute effortlessly, all the while making you feel like one of the gang, revitalized, hip.
And for so little: these were 'free' and $2.99 respectively.

#rad #totallydownwithit #booyah

*NOTE to young mothers: these are the remarks that unfailingly make teenagers blush - they must, however, be said within ear-reach of other teens for full effect. #future #reference #yourwelcome
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  1. The KK texture edit is elegant!! And that pic is perfect for waterlogue - I agree - so so fun! And, fyi, they still roll their eyes and need to be 'teased' with our 'coolness' in their twenties too!

  2. I want to buy waterlogue but am afraid I will get sucked in!!

    I'm 26 and at times still roll my eyes at my mom - she tries, but I think it's in our programming!

  3. Haha...before I even read your commentary I thought "Words to make a teenager cringe!" lol. I use them for that effect LOTS!

  4. I love this!!! Thanks for the tips, home skillet. ;)

  5. I'm laughing over here, but these are cool! The waterlogue of this is particularly beautiful! That's art!

  6. Your are too funny.. Love the way this turned out..


  7. So perfect! Love the Hashtag love. My DD is always busting on me for my #use.
    Two lovely plays on an already beautiful photo.

  8. That 'Waterlogue' app looks so awesome! I haven't tried it yet but many of my friends have been using it. I'm getting closer ... I just need to start using my iPhone again. Marvelous work!

  9. Beautiful images! I remember those teenage years. I felt much older then....:) xo Karen

  10. Love those"paper feel" flowers, beautiful texture edit. I envy the waterlogue app... so gorgeous! But my Iphone is staying a few months more on my wishlist :(

  11. LOL on the heading for this post. Your flowers and texture are lovely too -coming from Texture Tuesday.