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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wednesday in black/white ...

[All Saints Church, Pasadena, California]

 I must confess it was hard to edit this in black/white while it was 72 degrees outside.  With the doors and windows wide open, you could almost feel the color in the air.

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  1. Beautiful shot!! <3

  2. In black and white I see the gorgeous structure of the church stand out...and the strong branches of that great old tree! Thanks for sharing - I've become quite attached to tree/church combinations. Something about tree branches reaching 'heavenward' just as steeples do. Here I see another comparison...the strength of the old stone structures and the strength of a strong old tree...both standing the test of time!

  3. Oh how lovely is this! I love old architecture in churches in black and white - adds to the vibe (-;

  4. The architecture of the window stands out so much in b & w. In color I don't know if that is what would grab my attention and the architecture of the window is beautiful.

  5. Love the composition and lines of the elegant windows ~ glad it is 72 there ~ MA is still wintry cold!

    artmusedog and carol ^_^

  6. It's a beautiful window and perspective!

  7. Intriguing shot. I like it in black and white.

  8. That tree looks like it's spreading its arms to you! Perhaps it's embracing the warmth.

  9. The darkness near and the light beyond create a beautiful intimate view of living yin and yang. Lovely.