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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

hidden in plain view | black and white ...

visual interest on the top shelf

blatantly displayed at the entrance

artistic expression

It has surrounded us all of our lives in one fashion or another, so much so, we barely acknowledge its existence.  Like in the landscape design at the interstate exit, the craftsmanship of the doorway going into work, or the little nuances of the display shelf at the clothing store.  Art expressed with no expectation of acknowledgement.

My son has started drawing; a skill he never thought he had.  It started with successfully getting two eyes symmetrically balanced and has progressed to a face.  His excitement over this discovery has also reminded me how important it is to 'try', even when we don't think we can.


“I appreciated art, long before I could produce it.” 
Wayne Gerard Trotman

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  1. Glad your son is drawing! I always wonder where the love of art will lead someone. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a funny comment! xx

  2. Great post and BW photography for BWW ~ it is always a surprise to find what has long been 'right in front of our nose' ~ xoxo,
    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

    Great that your son is drawing ~ !!!

  3. Good for him! And what a reminder that it!

  4. It IS important to try, isn't it?
    I really love the photo of the camera. Fabulous.

  5. I love the sentiments expressed in your post. The plaque with the hands is so interesting!
    Have a wonderful weekend ahead, and thank you for stopping by my blog today and for your comment about cupcakes!

  6. Great b & w-the hands one is intriguing.

  7. Those hands are fantastic. It means so much to see young people begin the journey into artistic expression! Thanks for linking up!