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Thursday, April 17, 2014

that other holiday ...

of bunnies, baskets and eggs - oh my!

I can still remember the last year mom and dad got us kids Easter Baskets.  They were neatly stacked on the counter no longer needing to be hidden for the 'great hunt'.  As we visually assessed the colorful cellophane wrapped chocolate bunnies, sugary peeps and malted eggs on plastic grass, mom asked: 
"I wonder what kind of Easter Baskets the kids across the road got?"
They were a "poor" family by comparison with what seemed like a lot of young children - or, at least as many children as we just happened to have baskets.  Without debate or much conversation we gathered our wicker troves filled with sweets and headed to the neighbors.  At first the parents declined our offering, but after some insistence on our part they finally gave in and accepted the gifts.  As I now think back, this might have been as much from the desire to get us to leave, as it was their willingness to accept the bounty.  Regardless, we left with empty hands and fuller hearts.
We had outgrown the need for bunnies, chocolate eggs, or jelly beans.
That Easter we had instead become richer in the understanding of gratitude, humility, and generosity.

I don't know if my children have such a story to recall one day - but hopefully if I have done my job right, I have passed along this lesson.  They don't get Easter Baskets anymore - haven't for years; and though I miss the pageantry of putting them together, I enjoy seeing that maturity in my kids.  Understanding that the best part of a holiday isn't necessary filled with marshmallow or covered in chocolate. 

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  1. What a wonderful story. Although I laugh at the parents thinking about what they were going to do with their sugar high kids!

  2. It is a fun "task" for the parents, huh!? Sweet story and shots.

  3. I am starting to dread the Easter baskets, the cost to fill them has gotten a little crazy! Plus, the dogs got into my stash and ate some of the I bought a few things twice :( I am so touched by your story! Happy Easter!

  4. The perfect story for Easter ... random acts that bring such joy and teach so many important lessons. Love your images. The chick is just too cute and the sugar egg -- wow. I do remember sugar eggs!

  5. What a sweet Easter story and a wonderful lesson to pass on to children in general.
    Happy Easter, Nicky!

  6. Wonderful Easter post and photos ~ love the little chick in front of the eggs ~ xoxo

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  7. Oh sniff sniff! What a lovely story. Even if the family were embarrassed, I bet your kindness made an impact on them that was never forgotten. Interestingly as I was shopping for basket treats for my kids this year, the middle aged grocery bagged at my store saw our chocolate bunnies. His exact words were, " chocolate shapped like bunnies. That's so neat and creative." It took me by surprise that he hadn't known there was such a thing. It broke my heart, the way he said it. It was a declaration that it was a joy he hadn't experienced. Maybe it was a difference in beliefs, but it felt as if it was simply a missed experience. All that to say, noticing needs is something we should do!

  8. What a wonderful story!! Happy Easter!

  9. Very touching story and such a sweet lesson.
    I must admit we still carry on the tradition of Easter Baskets here (even for the adults) because it's just fun!

  10. I love that top picture, the eggs looks like monster eggs. Brilliant idea


  11. We had those sugar eggs growing up too...some had an opening in the end with a scene inside, I think ours were sent by my grandfather in Germany. I had forgotten all about them!

  12. You have such a BIG heart Nicki and your kids are so fortunate to have you guide them into adulthood. What a fabulous story and post.