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Friday, May 2, 2014

in a flash ...

memories have a way of seeping in without warning and with little provocation 

While growing up I had a friend named Maria. We started out together in kindergarten, lost touch while attending different elementary schools, but reconnected in high school. Her parents divorced at a time when divorce wasn't every 4th child or discussed openly with casual indifference. Without question she endured tough times being shuttled between parents and family members; however many of those shuttles contributed the backdrop to our escapades. Seeing this beaded VW Bug took me back to when we got our drivers' license and her father gave her a used, stick-shift VW Bug. We spent HOURS driving across the city parking lot so that she could learn to shift gears. Once she got it down to a few stalls or sputters, off we went. The world was our oyster and while it may not have been much, having your own set of wheels was like going from walking to running all over again. 
 One VW Bug purse sitting high on a display shelf in a shoe store. 
So many memories.

As I watched the high school seniors pour out of the school yesterday following their "color day" ceremony, laughing and smiling, eager to wipe the dust of this institution off their feet and get on with their lives, I wanted to yell 
"slow down", "enjoy all these childhood friends".
"slow down".
In their eagerness to get to the next stage they are oblivious to the reality that they many never laugh and joke with these people who have defined their daily lives to this point. They have but a palate for things in the moment, gulping it down quickly as if the taste will last forever. 

Innocence and youth.  What a wonderful way to see the world.
And who knows, maybe the colors 'coral and pearl' will be what triggers fun memories for them.


  1. Nicki, this was so well written! What an exciting time for you and our son!

  2. I agree with Tamar, so very well written!! xo

  3. Your writing is so full of wisdom that I'm wondering if you're an old soul that has been here before. xo

    1. Old soul - yes; same trip. (got the old body to go with it) :)