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Saturday, May 3, 2014

keeps on ticking ...

The last couple of Friday Bouquets just keep hanging in there, like Maxwell House "down to the last drop".

much like the blossoms on the trees 
- preserving rough winds and rain over the past week or so, there are a few still there

and while I'm at clearing off the assorted and varied pictures from my desktop ...

this is happening outside the window in my son's room. 
 Between cats, windstorms and torrential rains, these little ones have hung in there too.

not sure if you can see that look, but clearly this one was none too happy about the situation (weather and possibly the camera - but most likely the weather).

Have a great weekend.


  1. WoW...that nest, what a great find and you photographed those little ones beautifully!! i think they always look like that. it is amazing.....the evolution of a bird, it's just a miracle!!

  2. He sure is giving you the hairy eyeball in that last shot! haha.

  3. That angry look, he's really not happy about the situation LOL. Your Friday Bouquets are still looking beautiful.

  4. LOL!!! he looks a bit angry but oh so cute!!!