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Friday, May 30, 2014

May | it's a wrap ...

May came
May went 
and I'm not sure I took a breath
but I did manage to snap a few pictures

Bouquets of color | Mother's Day | Rain | another Mother *
Spring Flowers | more Rain | romancing the Tulips | Golf tickets
Friendly rose | Tea Time | official garb | Senior Portraits
BFFs | Graduate | Niece Tassel Flip | fun graffiti

* we now have 7 new kittens out back.  Neuter/Spay people - it's not just for crazy relatives anymore!


  1. It's crazy scary how time flies ...looks like May was a wonderful month for you!
    diane @ thoughts and shots

  2. Your monthly collage looks beautiful! Real pictures and emotions! And I do agree - time flies. Especially in May :)

  3. Love your collage boards. What an exciting and buys month!

  4. I like these collages too...what a great visual to wrap up the month!

  5. Such great snaps for a busy may.. Happy June my friend.


  6. Nicki,
    May, and April, were a blur on our ranch. Looks like your month was busy, blooming and fun. I hope you have a wonderful June and are able to take some time for yourself.

    I like the new header.