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Saturday, May 31, 2014

keep on walking | song*ography ...

Keep on Walking 
by Passenger

Oh well, I'll keep on walking

When I need to think; when I need to cool down; when I need to relax - I keep on walking.
It helps me to work through, reconsider, come to terms with ...
a long walk is so underrated.

seems I'm talking my whole life.
It's time I listen now.

Something I've needed to take a walk and come to terms with is that both my children are of an age where they have their own opinions and ideas and plans on what happens next.

it's time I listen now.


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  1. Ahhh...I so can relate to this! It takes a smart mom to know when to listen :). Thanks for linking up to Song-ography.

  2. What a shot, Nicki! And I so agree - walking/running/moving helps me process - sitting can be my wort enemy!

  3. Stunning image! I know what you mean about grown-up kids. The great part of that is that now we can all talk as adults and share ideas. We ask each other for advice. I respect and admire my kids, and we're all great friends. It's a different but rich season!

  4. Amazing shot!! Such true words. Listen to others and listen to what your heart is saying, too.

  5. I remember going through those times. Not easy.

    Great shots..