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Monday, June 2, 2014

the Good the Random the Fun ...

graffiti art - where two worlds collide


It would seem baby kittens hate me because they hiss if I am even remotely close.  
I've never had a cat that straight up hated me.  

well, except for that time I got between Mary Jo and Binx during a dispute 
and MJ ripped through my leg like it was tissue paper 
(can we say "declawed"!!!)

and then there was the time I had to have the himalayans shaved in order to get rid of the fleas;
have you ever seen a cat furrow its eyebrows?
well I have
(I am now skilled in the art of sleeping with one eye open)

oh, and how can I forget the time I had to load my mom's Maine Coon into a cat carrier; 
by the time I got finished I felt qualified to work with Ringling Brothers Circus
('whip and chair' - that one was a regular mountain lion)

the more I think about it, the more I think I'm a dog person 
and have been getting it wrong all these years.

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  1. Love the new header!! And the cool grafitti - I seem to only ever see ugly or nasty grafitti...never the artistic kind!

  2. That is wicked cool art! Shaved cats - now that is something you don't hear about every day!

  3. LOL! You might be on a list with the cats. Hope the kitty stops hissing.

  4. Love the artwork! I've never had to shave a cat. Don't think I'd want to try.

  5. Lmao!!! What a fun post!!! This art is amazing!!

  6. Having worked in a veterinary office for 8 years when I was younger, I have some cat (and dog) stories to tell.

  7. Love your graffiti pics! Especially the second one because I believe that is a pug. We used to get our Maine Coon cat shaved every summer. He looked so handsome and seemed to appreciate that he wasn't too hot and had no mats. The other cat would look at him like he has three heads for about a week. Then things would get back to normal and they would be friends again. I love cats. They are mysterious and beautiful. I love dogs too, but dogs are not mysterious. They wear their hearts on their sleeves. And our Olive is only beautiful to us and her mother. LOL. BTW, I love your new header.