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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

life lesson #2 ...

No matter how glamours the destination,
the 'getting there' can be a messy proposition  

 we are still trying to get our son back from California. 
a straight forward task that got shot all to heck when the airline delayed his flight 2 hours due to short staffing, 
just long enough so when they determined there were thunderstorms on the East Coast 
necessitating the cancellation of all later flights, it left him stranded in Chicago

 and so on 
and so forth

suffice it to say, mama is not happy
un uh!


  1. Oh no!! Travel delays are the worst - hope he gets home soon!

  2. Travel delays are the worst aren't they. You know the saying if Mamma ain't happy......


  3. Big bummer! Hope he has a safe journey from Chicago and gets home soon.

  4. As much as you hate it-hopefully Ryan can make lemonade from the lemons this trip has given him. He can practice being all independent and all-I say this because I remember the first time Austin flew to Annapolis on his own...stand by ( a perk we get) and making sure he the transportation was coordinated right and he didn't get in the wrong car....ohhhh I was filled with worry that day-but he did it-he had to figure out stuff on his own-and he came back a little wiser!

  5. PS-hopefully by now-Ryan is home! Xo