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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Foreword in black/white ...


While all the hassles of the return trip left him travel wiser
it also left everyone a bit exhausted and the checkbook lighter.
Lets just say "my frustration cup runneth over"
and the turn of events only served to reinforce my belief that of all the things flying might be,
CONVENIENT isn't one of them.
I would have prefered his maiden solo-flight to have been less challenging, but apparently that was not in the cards.
Contrary to the attitude of the airline employee at the local airport that this is no big deal, I would never wish for any parent to have their child stranded in a distant state, one of the largest cities, with questionable funds - and not be able to with certitude tell them what to do next.  It is at those moments when the last thing you express to a worried mom is that you tripped the light fandango and were none-the-worse-for-wear.
Glad to hear it.  Don't care. Just help me to help my kid and get him home.
Strangely enough, the courtesy department of the airline rose to the occasion.
The Hotel, on the other hand, failed to honor the voucher system they have with the airline.  But the real star was a young desk clerk who just recently moved to the US who stepped up and reassured us that she would make sure he had a room for the night.  And once there was the option of a debit card, the "absolutely no rooms available" changed to an "up-grade room";
more importantly:
He was safe.  He was sound.  He was within walking distance to return to the airport.
And everyone slept a little better,
and lived happily every after.

and so ends the foreword to the this chapter of his life.

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** ETA: The "Hotel", in the end, held up their end of the bargain 
- so other than the frustration level generally associated with travel 
- it's all good!


  1. Sounds like quite an ordeal! Travel rarely goes completely as planned. Glad it all worked out. Love that photo and the mannequins in the window.

  2. Let's hope this is the bumpiest travel ordeal he has moving forward!

  3. Good news! Flying is not very pleasant these days for many reasons. Unfortunately, it's a necessary evil if you want to go places. Glad you son is home and safe!!

  4. As frustrating as I'm sure it will certainly add to an already interesting adventure in the future :)

  5. Oh what an ordeal. Glad he made it home safely!

  6. Oh, as fellow mother of traveling young adults, my heart is beating pretty fast right now!

  7. My kids have been traveling alone for so long I can't even remember how this feels...but I'm sure glad you were able to find some helpful people along the way. Makes all the difference! Hugs!

  8. Yes, it always terrifies me when they travel alone. Mallory took a train to Montana two years ago and was delayed by 8 hours getting there, so frustrating for them and as a parent when you can do anything.