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Monday, May 19, 2014

too late for some good random fun ...

This morning I got this brilliant idea to photograph a tea setting since it seems to be the latest rage ...
(at least on Instagram - and maybe just one person, but they've posted several and I rather like them).

and then the rest of what I needed to do today took charge, 
and my intentions of pulling together a post got lost in the mix

but really, is it ever too late for some good/random/fun?

for the record:
it was good to get the camera out, 
photograph some random tea shots
and have a moment of fun on a day otherwise filled with endless chores.

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  1. The tea set is gorgeous! So glad you were able join in the good, random, fun!

  2. I like your kind of random fun. Beautiful set up Nicki

  3. Never too late for randomness. The tea set up is so lovely.

  4. Yup - Never too late for some good random fun!! Very eclectic collection of edits - made it easy to feel how much you enjoyed carving out these moments to shoot and share!!

  5. A cup of tea and a camera can cheer up the dreariest of days. Love the water color effect.

  6. Isn't it fun to escape into our creativity for awhile? :)

  7. Lovely tea set. I need to get mine out. I really love that water color transformer app - I've been meaning to get it!
    May is such a busy time - I'm glad you got some photo-time.

  8. Love your tea still lifes! And that cool is that?!

  9. Awesome photo of your tea set. Hummmm.. I don't have a tea set. Just lots of coffee mugs. I even drink my tea out of a coffee mug.. Oh well...