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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

what counts ... in b/w ...

it takes a village 

Ryan and Sarah became friends, real friends, somewhere between 2nd and 3rd grade. A friendship that survived pool side skits to the sound of 'High School Musical', make-believe Pokemon battles on the trampoline, and countless sleep-overs. Over the course of their friendship, Barb has become his second mom. She is the 'cool' mom.  The mom who lets him get away with anything so long as it isn't life-threatening.  The mom who apparently made the "BEST chocolate cake EVER" when he was mad at me for grounding him. [an accolade that left her L.O.L. when I remarked "I just have to get your recipe"]. Barb has been such a mainstay in Ryan's life, his love for her is undeniable. 
Even though the kids will be going to the rivaling universities in the state,  I seriously doubt this will strain their friendship. And while Barb may start wearing blue/gold garb, she will always bleed green for her other son.  
The love of a village is immeasurable.
When your best friend's mom considers you one of her own - priceless.

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  1. This is so sweet! I had 'another mom' like that, it is a very precious relationship. Congrats on all the excitement going on and all the love for you son!

  2. Nice contribution, great edit!

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  4. Wonderful post and creative editing ~ for BWW ~ xoxo

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  5. It takes a village! Sounds like a great 2nd mom!

    ps can you shoot me an email, I have a quick question and my computer seems to be unable to recall your address!

  6. I value the adults who have been mainstays in my kids life more than they can know.
    This editing is terrific btw.

  7. This is so beautiful. It is wonderful when adults take on others children as their own and treat them like family. It does indeed take a village.

  8. I totally relate to their relationship - it is wonderful to have friends that consider your children as their own.
    Every kids needs that "cool" mom, LOL!

  9. What a terrific friendship that has developed. How blessed are we to have someone like that in our lives!!

  10. That is a sweet post. I hope my Blessing will have that but we would have to quit moving around for that to happen.

  11. Yes. Yes. YES!!!! I love this! I have been blessed to be called 'mom' by many that aren't my own...and there are few things for which I am more grateful than the other safe havens my children have found over the years. LOVE this!

  12. Such a blessing to have friends like these!

  13. Great post! Enjoyed it so much!!