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Friday, May 23, 2014

when it's all said and done ...

as one of his fellow classmates posted on her last day of school 
"it's been real"
"it's been fun"
"but it hasn't been real fun"

Our son started school with a hiccup - his birthday was on the cut-off day for eligibility and though my mommy-instincts told me he wasn't quite ready, the personnel doing the screening said he was;
so, there you have it.
"You baby him too much!"
Barely into Kindergarten my concerns were echoed by his teacher and the bumpy ride began.
A repeat year in Kindergarten was the new strategy. 
 A new set of classmates, new friends. 
A new start. 

The journey wasn't always easy as things tended to come a little harder for this exceptional child #2. Even though we did everything in our power to never compare, when you have more than one child you can not help but relate your experience of doing something with one to doing it with the next.  Both children have their individual strengths and weaknesses.  Same goal, different route.
Ryan will graduate with honorable grades, great accolades, close friendships and incredible memories. He ends this chapter with a better grasp on what he wants to pursue in the future and has a head start on realizing a portion of his dream through his photography work.  I am hopeful he keeps an open mind when it comes to the bigger picture of finding a career and making a life for himself.

for the record,

I have babied him.
He is after all my baby.

But in the spirit of full disclosure I have also been tough on him, pushed him harder to overcome challenges, and stressed to him to think first, act second.  I've cried with him when the amount of hard work put in was disproportionate to the end result; followed with propping him back up to give it another go.
Frankly, I was nothing if not stern when it came to chores, teaching him to ride his bike, mow the yard properly, and drive the car like he had a lick of sense.
I am famous for not giving a damn what other parents allow their children to do,
and both kids will tell you what my philosophy is about just because another kid did it:
"doesn't make it okay."
There is no denying that I am the first to come to his defense - but that is what mommies do.
When no one else has your back - you should always be able to rely on your mom.
He is our last to graduate high school and I now understand why my parents cried when my younger brother graduated yet barely blinked an eye when the rest of us finished high school.

It's not easier with the first, it's just harder with the last.

This is the end of a era in all of our lives and the beginning of something new.

It's sad.  It's scary.  It's exciting.  It's wonderful.

He brings us great joy, moderate doses of frustration, and tremendous pride. 
He is our 2014 High School Graduate and we love him dearly.


  1. I LOVE this post! i mean LOVE LOVE LOVE it! that series of Ryan at the end is priceless!! What a beautiful tribute to your baby Nicki! xo

  2. You are an amazing mom and he is clearly an amazing young man - best wishes to him!!

  3. Congrats! This is wonderful - my 'baby' graduated from college 2 years ago....this new chapter is proving to be wonderful for us! My best to him and congrats to you too mama!!

  4. This made me teary. How hard it is to let go, and yet how exciting to see them fly! I'm not there yet, but I know I dare not blink. Hugs to you in this next phase of life, and may it bring you many joys. I can't seem to leave my new web address, so I'll add it here:

  5. What a great post. Congratulations!