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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

changing times ...

it all started at 2PeasInaBucket 

A scrapbooking site that included a Photography Forum 
A member board where we talked about photography, cameras, actions, how-tos, photoshop, get-togethers, babies, teens, marriage, divorce, death, cameras, pictures, textures, moral support, brutal honesty, political correctness, trolls, drama, hair-flips,
pictures, cameras, ...

and I was known as: 


PeaNut 405,632
January 2009
Posts: 6,773
Layouts: 112
Loc: West Virginia

Nikon stuff!

The more I know, the more I realize how much I don't know!
Blogging at --- bended road photos


 After 15 years, this site will be closing down
shutting the door 
movin' on 

 I met some awesome people, learned more than you can imagine,
and dove into a hobby that had fallen to the wayside,
an interest that would eventually inspire one of my children towards a career choice. 

 2Peas - 
Thank you!


  1. Wait I'm confused-you're shutting down-for good...this space?

    1. oh, no - not me. The web site that brought me into the cyber water, nurtured and grew my photography know-how, and introduced me to so many wonderful people.

      Naw - I've been a little absent lately (kid is in air coming home from Japan as I type) - but I'm not going anywhere. :)

  2. So sad! And Kelly, no Two Peas is shutting down. It's very sad because it was SUCH an awesome space. I learned SO SO SO much there! Anyway Nicki, I'm trying to get back into the swing of blogging, so maybe see you around here more. :-)

  3. That is too bad that Two Peas is done. I didn't visit regularly, but would stop by now and again. What an inspiration it was been for you. But now you are good on your own.

  4. So sorry that your launch pad will be no more!

  5. I just read that Two Peas is shutting down. It's always sad when places that you have such memories of leave us.

  6. Wow, I didn't know that 2peas was shutting down.... I connected with many a photog (including you!) through that site.