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Friday, June 27, 2014

what remains when it's all said and done ...

it is the realization that you can.

 Our daughter is home from her study abroad in Japan. 
An experience that superseded anything she could have imagined.
An experience that revealed and fostered a personal growth none of us would have foretold.

In a day and age where we as parents are guilty of over-protecting and shielding our children to such an extent we hinder their ability to learn how to address adversity and challenge,
she conquered language and culture differences,
an epidemic, hurricane/earthquakes,
cooking, cleaning, and generally being a grown-up.
all by herself
(well, mostly).
What's more, she embraced them.
...except perhaps the hand-foot-mouth epidemic;
the earthquakes;
the hurricane/typhoon seasons
- and probably truth be told, she would have been just fine if there had been maid service
and cafeteria meals
.... but the rest of it she just loved.

What's more
- her problem solving skill level grew as much as her comprehension of the Japanese language.

 She was happy to see us, but there was also a moment of tears;
sadness of leaving an experience that will undoubtedly shape the rest of her life.
20 some people came to see her off
and for a good many of them it wasn't 'goodbye'
but 'see you in a couple of years'.

As hard as it is to push the birdie out of the nest, the point where they soar makes it worth it all.


  1. Yes, my 1 year in Japan change my whole life. That was 30 years ago !

  2. Aw, so g;ad she is home and she had this chance!

  3. Living in another country for a couple years would be such a cool experience. :)

  4. what an exciting and wonderful experience, perhaps a once in a life time experience!!! a great last line, it why we have them and why we let go!!!

  5. Yes, the best thing we can do for them is to send them off into the world and watch them struggle a little, they will figure it out. We have raised smart children.

  6. Glad she made it safely home!

  7. So glad she had a wonderful time! All those fears as that we have as parents...if only we could learn for next time! I guess, thinking about it, I have learned to trust God and let go. Such a joy to hear about their new experiences.

  8. I'm so glad your daughter is home safe and sound and the experience was such a good one. She'll reflect back on this experience when she needs to pull from it. It makes me happy knowing you're happy Nicki!