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Friday, June 13, 2014

rolling with the punches ...

{circle of life - Laguna Beach, California}

I really thought that by this week I would have a handle on this new routine with kids/work/pictures/blogging, but then mother nature intervened and KO'ed our electricity, showing me who's da boss, (and it ain't me!).  It's all good, and barring any catastrophic weather or events this weekend I should get some super cool pictures at the Hatfield-McCoy Marathon in Matewan, WV where I will be traveling to cheer on a high school classmate who I have not seen since we started college together some 100 years ago. She has endured a long journey to get to this point and I am excited to be among the crowd supporting her efforts.  And as if that wasn't enough reason to travel 5 hours - I also get to (finally) meet her daughter (who was an infant and sick the one class reunion I managed to get home for), meet her grandbaby (who is too cute for words - dare I say gorgeous), and photograph a region of the state I am generally inclined to avoid unless I have no other choice, (as my husband put it, there's no good way to get there, plus the road has more bends and twists than your worst nightmare of a rollercoaster ride).


  1. Have a wonderful time, enjoy every moment even all the bends and twists that come along too!!

  2. It's awesome that you will be there to cheer on your classmate. It means so much to the runners and you are the highlight of their journey. Hi Five her for me (hopefully she won't think that is weird!). Can't wait to see the photos!

  3. How awesome to support your friend! Have a good weekend!