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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

texture Tuesday ...

If you follow me on Instagram you have already seen this image,
an iPhone snapshot of some carnations taken along with a new app called 'PaintedCamera'. 
I haven't really played much with this particular app but suspect it has potential - it's just going to require a little more effort than say the 'Waterlogue' app - which was/is addicting and was/is ridiculously simple. In the mean time I will resist the urge to immediately shuffle it to the back page of my iPhone menu which is akin to being on death-row
- apps bidding their time until they are axed from the cloud.

It's a cruel world out there - even in Iphonedome.



  1. It is so funny how we go through phases with phone apps. But I also think we are looking for the right shot when we are addicted to one app. that narrow focus is sometimes a good thing.

  2. Oh very cool. I just got hooked on the VSCO app - very cool editing features!

  3. I so love this app so much, even better than waterlogue, I think the month long challenge did me in for that app for a while and prefer this now. Lovely image

  4. So awsome, Nicky! All over Blogland I see beautiful processed images with the Iphone apps, I have to try it soon.

  5. So beautiful! Now you've got me running to check out Painted Camera, I've been resisting! It truly is beautiful. And I love your header.

  6. Hmm, another interesting app. Need to upgrade my phone to get a better camera so I can play with all those apps I have been collecting, but never using.

  7. Beautiful. Maybe someday I'll get an iPhone just for the camera.

  8. These flowers look so pretty ... This is a new app to me - I am tempted to try it!

  9. Lovely, Nicki. I never bought the waterlogue app, still on the fence with it. Maybe I'll try this on instead!
    I have a problem getting rid of apps I never use - like you, I relegate them to a back page and let them collect dust there!

  10. I need to try one of these apps...this is very pretty!