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Monday, June 9, 2014

you are either with us or against us ... G.R.F.

yesterday's song*ography had me thinking
 which for me can be either an epiphany or a Captain Obvious moment,
(in this case - it might be a Captain Obvious moment)

but it occurred to me that most people either like country music or they hate it,
there is little in-between
(and cross-over music doesn't count - which does make up a lot of today's CMA music).
but I'm talking George Jones, George Strait, George ... (whoever...)

not to be confused with 'living in the city' versus 'living in the country'
because the two are not synonymous
- there are some very die-hard country fans in the middle of New York City
and some pretty die-hard Rihanna fans here in the sticks.

if it is any consolation, there were no tax dollars used to reach this conclusion
unlike some studies you read about
leaving you to ponder more about
"who in their right mind authorized the money for that?"
than to consider the outcome of the research,
a result that could at best be described as
and at worst,
you are welcome!

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  1. I agree with your conclusion! I submit as evidence the groan from my daughter whenever I flip to the country station when she's in the car with me. Especially when I pull the "my car, my station" on her :) Beautiful photo and quote!

  2. I agree. I'm from Georgia with sweet tea and bbq. I say y'all and bless your heart...but I don't do country music. *ducks and hides*. Case in point: Zac Brown's kids play soccer with at the same place my kids do. Everyone is like "there's Zac, there's Zac!" I said, "who?". I got schooled on that one. I'm not against country per se, but it just isn't my first choice. In my defense, I was raised by Yankees.

  3. Beautiful photo - and I'm country music all the way. Would LOVE to see Zac Brown perform! (don't tell my very yankee parents - they'd be horrified!)

  4. Yes, yes, yes, totally agree!! I just can't do it. My bf got me into some cool bluegrass/folky group, but they have an edge so I can do them. But even growing up in the Southern part NJ amongst the corn and cows, no sir, no country here!

  5. Love the stories that country music tells, I am a big fan!!

  6. Such a lovely photo ... I like country music ~ it reminds me somehow of the warm sommer days :)
    A wonderful header as well :)

  7. LOL-phew...cause I don't think I could give up one more dollar for one more study! I do like country music...I just don't listen to it...if that makes any sense at all! great new header and beautiful photo