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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Asian flavor ...

The bowl was given to Allyson by one of her roommates;
it had become her 'go-to' bowl the whole time she was there.
It is plastic and probably purchased at a Japanese version of the Dollar Store. 
 The chopsticks are from Peking Duck Restaurant in Alexandria, Virginia (circa 1980);
they were the remnant of an evening out with my mom and sister where I refused to eat a duck and ultimately probably ate some kind of salad.
(obviously my belligerence did not extend to refusing to keep the sticks)

I am sometimes baffled at the random things that manage to survive the years of moves and 'decluttering'.  I guess in the end, what we are drawn to or hang on to need not make sense to anyone else but ourselves; if it makes you happy - that is where the value truly lies.


  1. I agree with you about what one should keep around. So often things bring back memories that are much more valuable than the piece itself. Wonderful photo!!

  2. what a beautiful bowl! I so agree - I have such random little things that i cannot part with for whatever reason!

  3. The bowl is lovely - I never would have guessed from the photo it was plastic. The Japanese really know the value of creating beauty even with cheaper materials. Amazing that you've held on to those chopsticks for so long!

  4. Sometimes I just think "Oh I will use that sometime" I must get better before we ever move again, since next time we will be downsizing.

  5. Thos bowl is so pretty! Our boys like to eat with chop sticks, so I have a small collection of them as well :)