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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

welcome home ...

two simple words that greet you when you arrive at Disney on-property resorts 

and then the fun begins

especially the fireworks

my favorites coming from our hotel room deck

Sorry I've been MIA of late - but it seems we only started July when suddenly it was over. 
Just like summer break for the school kids. 
Just like vacation for the rest of us. 
Even though I only took my camera a few times to the parks - I managed to accumulate a lot of pictures - so brace yourselves you're about to be Disneyized


  1. Great photos! That cake looks yummy :D

  2. Wow! What a sight! Imagine being able to see this from your own hotel room! In which resort did you stay? Gorgeous pictures, Nicki!

    1. We stayed at the Boardwalk Villas - we usually have a view of the parking lot or the front of the building, but this year we sprang for a view. So glad we did.

  3. Its been years since we were there...looking forward to your pictures!

  4. Great captures - I love the magic of the fireworks at Disney.
    So much eye / camera candy there! Welcome back and bring on the Disney photos!

  5. So glad you had a great time! The fireworks look amazing!!

  6. Those are great photos! I think you are very brave going to Disney in the summertime. Tooooooo hot for me.

    1. Barb - this will possibly one of the last times we go in the summer - or at least this late in the summer (now that the kids are out of school and have a little more flexibility with college schedules) - we're actually planning a return trip just the two of us in the fall hopefully to see the Halloween Party. Florida heat (or more so, humidity) is for the birds. Whew!