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Thursday, July 31, 2014

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My "healthy diet" died a slow but certain death on our vacation and I, for one, am eager to get back on track. While there is no question you get plenty of exercise when at Disney World - and heaven knows I drank enough water to float the Titanic; on the food end it was a struggle to find complete healthy meal options (unless you can get by on an apple, banana, and perhaps hummus).  To make matters worse, we decided to eat at locations we had never visited and while my conscience and waist line would have rather I didn't - I must say - they were generally very good decisions. 
(House of Blues - Shrimp and Grits - yes-siree bob!)
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  1. I get so paranoid when on vacation about my diet - sometimes it's nice to live a little, but so nice to get back on track once home!

  2. SO true! We've done Disney twice and by the end I just want a good home cooked meal. I will say that we really enjoyed dining at Liberty Tree Tavern which was the closest thing to home cooked. Glad you had a great time!