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Friday, August 1, 2014

lost and found ...

There must be a secret trick to capturing awesome pictures from the aquarium;
you know, those laser sharp close-ups everyone whips out to show they went to see the fishies.

I suspect some of it has to do with slowing down, finding your settings and getting that automatic red laser/focusing light turned off so it isn't constantly reflecting on the glass.
Perhaps re-reading that manual isn't such a bad idea.
(I have no clue how to shut down the infrared focusing light)

Or maybe it was has something to do with all the 'little' movements that confuse both me and my camera

seriously - can you tell which one is Nemo?

When all else fails, there's always Dora - who, quite frankly, made the movie.
If it were up to my kids, Nemo would have been flushed and the movie would have solely been about Dora. 
And can you even remember the name of Nemo's father?
Googling is cheating ...

Yea, didn't think so.
But Dora - (or Ellen as my kids pretty much always referred to her),
you remember,
and look at that picture - she even smiled for me.

Maybe it is more about finding a cooperative subject and following it.


  1. Marlin!!!

    And seriously, having just been to the aquarium myself, I found my iphone got better pics than the nikon!!