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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

landslide | song*ography ...

I've been afraid of changing 
'cause I've built my life around you 
but time makes you bolder 
even children get older 
and I'm getting older too 

by Fleetwood Mac 


They have been the what, the why, the how-come of my life.
I've been "Allyson's mom" or "Ryan's mom" for so long I pretty much generically answer to "mom".  
(which can be quite the challenge at Disney when every 2 seconds some kid, somewhere, calls out "mom".)
Granted, that won't change (ever) 
but seeing them both off to college over the next 7 days
has made me realize just how much I'm going to miss the daily "mom".

And wanta talk about how fast time flies,
it feels like just yesterday we took Allyson off to New England to start college.
This is her final year;
 a year filled with Wellesley tradition from her Senior Convocation at the beginning
to the infamous Hoop Run at the end.  
[if you're curious about Wellesley, while "Mona Lisa Smiles" with Julia Roberts is not completely accurate about the school, it does highlight some of their steadfast traditions
--- plus, it is a good movie.]

and, then there is kiddo #2 ...

even though Ryan is going to school considerably closer, 
he is still going to be living away from home,
figuring things out on his own, becoming more and more independent with every second,
and wow am I going to miss his company.
(this one and I have been buddies)

[and then there is this]

I'm getting older too


Great song!
[plus Fleetwood Mac was in their heyday with Rumors my first summer at college - circle of life.]

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  1. Aw so sweet. They will both have great years and you will always be their mom!

  2. Oh. sigh. Just a few years beyond you - both of mine out in the real world...Most definitely an interesting season, but one I'm finding gets better and better!

  3. Oh mama! They are both adorable in that photo. Your story makes my heart tug because I once thought such things seemed so very distant, but now I see the inevitability. Well, done good mother!

  4. Oh, I understand a little bit, I'm already feeling the difference as my kids get older and bolder. Yup, we're all getting older, too. But that doesn't mean we're not continuing to grow in our own way. Great song, one of my faves, and a fun selfie (it looks like one!).

    1. haha - a selfie from Dumbo I believe - I just love it. During vacation they would bicker (as brother and sister do) - but when we let them go off together and stood back, this is what we got - and my mommy heart grew 3 inches in that moment. I was super close to my younger brother growing up and can imagine this is how my mom felt.

  5. This must be a mighty difficult time in your life right now. I know you are so proud of your kids, but man does it suck when they leave home all at once.

  6. Nothing we can do to stop the march of time. The adjustment is difficult, but you'll do it. Wonderful photo of your good-looking kids!

  7. Sigh, this is my youngest one's last year at home before going off to college. He and I have been buddies too. Next year will be hard.

  8. Ahhhh, this is something I can totally relate to. I keep telling myself these coming years are Just as much of a challenge and learning experience for me, as it it will be for them. Thanks for linking up to Song-ography AND the song choice :)

  9. ohhh, I really loved this!! What a great picture of the kids!! No better name in the world "mom"!!!!!

  10. Sounds like new and exciting chapters in everyone's life at the moment... I bet the house is going to be quiet though


  11. Empty nest can be really great if you have a rich uncle paying for two college students.

  12. The empty nest life isn't so bad. It is time to stop being Allyson's mom and Ryan's mom and be Nicki :)

  13. It took me quite awhile to adjust to the empty nest...and figure out who else I am besides "Mom". This picture of your kids is wonderful...I love all your Disney photos on your blog! Our family loves Disney, especially our daughter (she's 23 now)...she would live in Cinderella's castle if she could. :)