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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

beginnings | black and white ...

"it all started with a mouse" 

today is it.
 the day we deliver our baby to college. 
the day we hope all comes together with getting him comfortably settled in. 
the day he starts to make his future. 

 it all starts so simple, but has endless potential 
you can be 'just' a mouse 
or oh, so much more 

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  1. My B&W post at:

  2. Wonderful picture,wonderful words too.

  3. Good luck to all involved in making this transition!

  4. Good luck and enjoy the change...great words and pics.:)

  5. I've had a bit of a weepy week - nothing that shaking off the hormones won't cure....but watching you send off your kids has me all choked up. Such an interesting time in our lives ~ this transition from the immediacy of the day to day mom 'stuff' to the longer distance, more mature relationship that develops. Such a stretching and growing time for me, and I wish you nothing but joy and peace as you watch your kids continue to blossom!!

  6. A wonderful milestone!