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Thursday, August 21, 2014

yesterday | little things Thursday ...

all my troubles seemed so far away 

 Do you ever get a melody in your head and one word can trigger it?  "Yesterday" by the Beatles is one for me.  We successfully, and another $150.00 in room "stuff" later, got Ryan moved into his dorm room. Easy! And now comes the hard part - him making it work, getting to classes, applying himself, being okay. I know he can do it. 

 and then there is Allyson 
over the next couple of days we will sort through all her "stuff" again, cut it down in half, pack the rest, and transport her 14 hours away. (Japan illustrated to us that less is more, and she can survive without the kitchen sink) Moving her is hard. But the rest comes a little easier for her. Not that it doesn't require great effort and determination on her part - but school has always been 'her thing'. 

 Yesterday just reinforced what we already knew - time doesn't wait for anyone, or anything.
It just keeps moving forward and sometimes you just have to place your faith in tomorrow.

 Allyson drew the pictures of herself winning a golf tournament and skating in 1996 - she was three years old (I helped with the coloring and wrote the titles as she explained them to me). Two years later she would take a bad fall at a skating party and swear off skating forever.  Around the same time she started playing with Pokemon cards and games and years later, discovered her love of Japan.

Oh yesterday came suddenly. 

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  1. They grow up fast and spread their wings! Adventures to be had. Hang in there, Mom!!!!! :) Lovely post that honors your children.

  2. Good luck with the next pack up and move! They will both sore this year!

  3. Letting go is not always easy ~ Children grow so quickly ~ Love the drawings ~ sweet ~ hugs to all of you as you move through this major transition ~

    musedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  4. Those drawings are so very sweet. What a treasure. Big hugs to the mama moving her babies to college. Such a bittersweet time, I am sure.

  5. I hear you loud and clear. Yes, songs can evoke many feelings and memories. I also realize how quickly time passes. Sounds like you are transitioning a lot at your place. Wishing both your son & daughter success on their journeys in life. Wonderful memories with those drawings.

  6. You should be so proud of them, and yes, I know it is difficult. Where do the years go? I just watched my youngest son get married last weekend. We give them roots so they can fly. Congratulations on a job well done, Mom. xo

  7. I'm just smiling...remembering those days too...

  8. Oh, my, Nicki! Now "the Boy" is gone! I must say, you are handling this much better than I did. Good luck to your chicks in their new endeavors!

  9. Oh, how correct - time doesn't wait for anyone or anything and keeping the faith is just that - having faith.
    Hugs as you transition to the empty nest.....