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Thursday, August 28, 2014

lets do this thing ...

We have successfully packed, hauled, and moved two kids off to college
and surprisingly
I haven't cried (yet)
that big OMG - my babies are gone hasn't hit me (yet) 
I suspect this is largely from sheer exhaustion
and perhaps sticker shock at moving two kids versus one 

(plus one is coming home this weekend 
--- even if just briefly --- 
and so what if it does involved something about laundry
I'm good with that) 

Of course, kido #1 stepped in to help me stay occupied 
so I wouldn't notice the empty nest syndrome
like 1,000 plus pictures from Japan occupied

"be a peach mom and upload some to Facebook for me"

at a quick glance
I've noticed a theme

perhaps why she enjoyed Japan so much --- it speaks to her inner-video-gaming-child
and I'm good with that too

this whole growing up thing is so overrated!

*PS - if this post makes any sense, it is purely by luck
I am so past tired 
most of my conversations the last couple of days were mostly about
'that thing'

"could you bring that thing over here?"
"remember that thing?"
"I need to get that thing back"
"what is this thing?"

and frankly,
that was when I managed to speak in complete sentences.


  1. Hang in there!! Glad it went smoothly and I hope you're doing alright!

  2. Oh, I remember those days...a bit more fun reliving it here. As Tamar said, hang in there!

  3. I feel your pain. I didn't cry this year either...weird!