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Thursday, September 25, 2014

do it .. do it .. do it .. | little things Thursday ...

You know that point where something catches you eye
and your inner voice says

"you should take a picture"

but you don't have a camera
so you make a mental note to come back

.. the kiss-of-death to visual creativity ...

well this time,
for a change,
this time
 I did.

I snapped one or two shots on my way home and decided it deserved more than a drive-by shooting,
so I returned the next morning
and boy what a glorious morning.

Have you ever taken a picture that makes you giddy each time you look at it;
pacing the floor till the day you can share it with everyone because
for a change you did what you had promised yourself you would
and it exceeded your wildest vision?
This picture was that for me this week - I've been waiting for just the right day to share it with everyone because other than warming up the grass a little, it was simply beautiful with the sun coming through just at the right time, the sky being just dramatic enough, and a single tree showing off its new coat of color.

keep your promises - especially those you make to yourself.
do it!

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  1. Nicki, this is AMAZING. So glad you went back and you have every right to be giddy over it!

  2. i have felt that feeling and it feels pretty darn good!!! this, deserves that feeling and a whole lot of giddiness!!

  3. YES!! Such a GLORIOUS and GORGEOUS reminder to keep those promises we make to ourselves. I love that. Need that!! Thanks so much for this!

  4. Oh my....glorious, glorious light and color!

  5. Your photo and post made me smile. So glad you went back in the morning - it is a wonderful photo. And we are glad you shared it with us!!

  6. The return visit was the right thing to do - love that tractor in the field - and the light - oh my!

  7. I love this! Taking mental pictures is a great creativity starter. Glad you went back. I love it!