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Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday finds ...

 update on the kitty front: 
 they are still here, 
they are getting bigger
(not this big - but eat as if they were)
they have become comfortable inside the security fence, 
but not enough to allow me to take a picture 
or pet them.

Autumn mornings on the way to work = fog = traffic jams = cool pictures (minus the traffic jams)

pumpkins of all kinds

lady: "they call this one peanut" "can you believe that?"
me: "uh, yea!"

a new hunt and gather spot - it's not just for mums and pumpkins anymore


  1. That peanut pumpkin is crazy, but perfectly named!

  2. Oh I love a Fall market! All the pumpkin varieties look so wonderful... and love the baskets and baskets of apples!

  3. Oh my, I love those peanut pumpkins!

  4. I never knew the name of those pumpkins, cool!!

  5. Nicki, im sitting here laughing, wiping the tears from my eyes, at the "peanut" pumpkin comment! You are so funny! Love these pictures. I must say, you've captured my favorite things about Fall: Apples and pumpkins.

  6. I definitely believe the peanut name and yuck to traffic jams.

  7. Such a beautiful morning over the city - and the black kitten . . . together with the autumn apples and pumpkins - time to bake apple pies is getting closer :)