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Saturday, September 27, 2014

weekend flowers ...

Friday's "floral love" bouquet hasn't happened for awhile. 
Too busy. 
Too few dollars. 
Too many other things. 
Too few choices at the market. 

 But yesterday as I zoomed through the grocer for a little of this and that, I noticed a buggy of mums. 
Sad, partial dead, on their way to the dump, seen their better day 

So I quickly snapped up these, got them home and promptly put them into the ground with a little TLC. and with the 'magic' fertilizer my mother-in-law just gave me, hopefully they will bounce back and live to see another day.


  1. Oh, I hope so! In love with these colors - so pretty!

  2. They are pretty the way they are right now for sure, so it can only go up from here.

  3. BEautiful color combo on these mums!

  4. Oh Nicki, Your love for flowers makes you notice them around you - such a joy that you were able to rescues these!
    The colors in the petals - and the form of petals - are special ...
    I am not good in buying flowers either ... but the rare occasions of having fresh flowers are even more special.
    The scent and form of tulipans makes them maybe my favorite flower ... together with the tiny,blue hyacint-liked flowers, that comes every spring :)
    Thank you for sharing the flower love ... If we'd live closer to one another, I'd love to go for "flower spotting" with you :)

  5. Oo pretty! Good for you for rescuing them!

  6. These are pretty unusual, which makes them really cool. I hope they make it! Regardless, you've already captured their beauty....