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Friday, September 12, 2014

some leftover flowers and such ...

last tidbits from summer

Just when I thought I wasn't ready for it to end, I am suddenly ready for mums!
 (and pumpkins - might have to make that happen this weekend)


  1. So pretty. I love when some of summer hangs on while the transition to fall begins!

  2. Yes, it really feels like Fall now. Pumpkins and mums - love them! I'm yearning for some spiced pumpkin treats, too....

  3. I love to see your flowers, Nicki! The background / framing of the pink flower is so lovely and subtle! Pumpkin pies are swirling on my mind (i's not a tradition here, so I have no canned filling, but I go on Googling recipes where the inside filling recipe is with as well :)

  4. Wonderful photos, Nicki - you have captured the sweetness of these last summer flowers. I am ready for pumpkins and mums, too! Have a great start to your week. xo Karen