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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

black/white Wednesday, only not in black/white ...

Normally I would be playing along with Adrienne and Friends with edits/images in black and white; but this week I'm being a rebel and playing with a trial program by Topaz Labs -images and edits that spoke more to color than black and white.  But in the spirit of participating, lets just say I'm adding a little flavor to that b/w tractor.
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My Memory Art


  1. I see a vanGogh!! This is amazing!

  2. I love this with the broad paint strokes. So nice.

  3. I looked at this trial version too. I'm counting on you for an evaluation. (o: I go back in forth in my mind about this kind of software...this IS a nice look on this photo!

  4. They should hang it in the art museum! What a great pic!

  5. I considered trying that filter myself. I do like the effect in this shot.

  6. Love it! Topaz Labs stuff is always so great. This scene is perfect with the filter / effect.

  7. Cool edit. I like it very much.