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Sunday, October 12, 2014

challenges ...

Having a sister 18 months older than you can be a challenge; 
it can also be a blessing.
My sister (who could stand a few well wishes and positive thoughts after having a car accident),
challenged me to post 1 black/white picture for 5 days.  Being my sister, and knowing me so well, she gave me a 'hall pass' on the part that involves challenging someone else to join the challenge each day.  She realizes this would be a deal-breaker for me.
Like I said - having a sister can be a blessing and a challenge.
I would have to say, mine is mostly a blessing.
Granted, she has her moments; but then again when we were young and shared a bedroom, I use to jump on our twin beds just to drive her crazy --- so I kinda owe her some latitude.


  1. Hope she's ok! My sister and I are 7 year apart, also had it's goods and bads.
    Gorgeous shot!

  2. Sisters do challenge us, sometimes in wonderful ways. Great photo and hope she recovers quickly. xo Karen

  3. I am doing the challenge too. It is kind of fun. I don't like picking other people either, but I don't really care if they do it over not. It was a good challenge for me.

  4. That's scary-hope she's healing quick. It's hard for me to ask others to join in challenges. I can barely keep up with anything I agree to do. Looking forward to your challenge.

  5. Hope your sister is doing OK after the car accident and she recovers quickly. Sisters are so much to us - they help us grow, frustrate us, but in the end, are a blessing. That is a cool photo and a great challenge.