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Monday, October 13, 2014 | empty nest style ...

 [mom and dad's wild and crazy ride]

We are counting the days until we embark on our first solo trip to Disney without children. 
Going to the Disney Halloween Party has been on the bucket list for a long time but with children in school, the logistics associated with pulling them out of classes made it impossible
(5 unexcused absences coupled with the dogpile mentality of make-up work - just not worth it!).

It will be GOOD to get away.
Finding a modest / simple adult costume to wear will probably not be RANDOM
given my husband firmly believes there is an exact replica of the Evil Character portrait in my family album.
(my husband is one snarky comment away from being turned into a toad).
And lets face it, we're going to Disney 
in the "off season", 
to trick-or-treating, 
and there is a Food and Wine event going on at the same time 
oh yea, I think we have FUN covered. 

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  1. How fun to go without kids and at Halloween time!

  2. Oh, there is something to be said for experiencing Disney without the kids. I'm sure you will have a ball! :)

  3. Halloween in Disney is a blast! You are going to have a wonderful time!

  4. Disneyworld should be very different this time!

  5. I'd like a trip to Disney any time of year. Lucky you, I hope you have a grand time.

  6. My husband and I went to Euro Disney alone (we lived near-by at the time...) for one of our anniversaries. It was February - chilly, rainy and WONDERFUL! I don't care when or why you go to Disney - as long as you go with someone who will at least pretend "to believe"!!

  7. So glad you are finding the pleasures of the Empty Nest! Sounds like fun - hope you share!